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Recently, many men like to buy Zenith Pilot Replica Watches and Fake Zenith Elite Watch online

Some people like to have a lot of Zenith Pilot Replica Watches, and some like to only have one. The Zenith caters to both by offering all sorts of color types as well as being solidly built as a daily wear. Anyway, I have to say the Zenith replica watches are pretty good.

Buy Zenith Pilot Replica Watches Online

The case on the Zenith Elite Replica is very simple. One piece construction with the lugs holding onto the band snugly. It carries a small crown that doesn’t protrude the case and is capped off with a slim and flat case back as well as a flat mineral crystal on the front.

The face is very easy to read. Most colors offered are very well contrasting making them easy to read in light situations. A nice feature on the minutes is a full readout of the minutes in increments of five. A note on this model of Fake Zenith Elite is that it does not carry lume, the reason being for all the different color types available.

Fake Zenith Elite Watch

Something noticed on this faux zenith watch was the tightness of the components. Everything from the soft components like the band to the crown and case parts hold together firmly. Even the band hugs the case tightly giving the watch a solid, one-piece feel.

The band remains sturdy and stiff but flexes nicely around the wrist bend. It’s worth mentioning again that the keeper system on this band is great. The notches that hold them in place while wearing is something that we always like to see on a zenith pilot watch.

The Zenith is meant to travel with you all day. A quality quartz movement with a rubber band can be worn at the office and then to the gym afterward and never miss a beat. Kennett is offering 15% off this watch as well as the rest of their line if you enter “ENFS Watch Review” in the discount code section at checkout over at Zenith Online.

Now, compare Zenith Pilot with Zenith Elite. Which one do you wanna buy? You can send comments to us!