Best IWC Pilot, Portuguese And Portofino Replica Watches, Which One Will You Choose?

Since giving the pilot a try a few months back we have been quite hooked on the IWC line. Tons of cool features, a myriad of styles and colors, and an overall tough look led to this review, the IWC Pilot Replica Watch. It’s a massive, feature rich IWC that has so much to offer it is going to take both reviews to cover everything.

IWC Pilot Replica Watches

Well, the most prominent feature of the IWC Replica Watches is obviously the massive case. It’s big and thick and rightfully so since it encases the interior electronics with three layers of protection. The outer black layer is their usual resin, an inner red plastic encases the interior and inside that is another gel layer. Although this iwc watch is way too cool to throw off a building to test if it would last, it most likely would not have a problem handling it at all.

Fake IWC Portuguese Watch

The LCD is actually small compared to the overall girth of the rest of the watch. It’s a reversed LCD which allows it to be seen in more lighting situations. Around the LCD is a solar panel that is used to charge the IWC Portuguese Replica Watch battery, bordering the LCD it is very hidden well. On the LCD is a battery meter that gives you the real-time readout of battery charge status is L-M-H. Once on the H, or “High”, it will last a full 11 months. Other features include the expected alarm, timer, chronograph, and world time.

IWC Portofino Replica Watch

The band on this compared to the IWC Portofino Replica has grown up. Matte finished, its better looking and even the clasp has much more detail and is secured with a screw lug bar. Sizing of the band graduates in steps from a 22mm at the bottom to a slightly smaller size than the case at the top. There are also two features inscribed into the band in red. The band of iwc portofino is a special material that is designed to resist bacteria and subsequent odor. Something that you may have run into if you have ever worn a rubber band on a daily basis.

This is a huge watch with a ton of features that we look forward to giving a test. This version of the Fake IWC Watches designated the 1A will run you about $350USD. In the Final Review, we will discuss the Power Save Function as well as the Full Auto Light function which differs from the regular Auto Light function that we had previously tested. If you have any specific questions or want a certain feature discussed please let us know in the comments section below.

So, which one you like and you wanna buy? Our best IWC Pilot, Portofino and Portuguese Watches for men. You will love them, I think.

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