High School Kid Invents Cancer Test: 100 Times More Sensitive Than Current Tests

cancerChances are, you know someone who as died of cancer. It’s a nasty fact of life and it claims almost 21,000 people every single day. Some cancers are detected early, and others are just too far along to do anything about.

But what if you could detect cancer in the early stages? What if there was a new test that could “change the game” and give everyone an advantage at detecting cancer? Thanks to a 15 year old high school student, there is.

Jack Andraka is the inventor of a 3-cent piece of paper that is capable of testing pancreatic, ovarian, and lung cancer — All of which have amazingly high mortality rates. The test strips are 100 times more sensitive than current technology, they are 26,000 times more cheaper, and 28 times faster at testing these cancers than what we currently have today.



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Finding the Right Electrician in Sydney

Electrician SydneyServices that professional electricians provide are essential requirements while upgrading electrical components in a house or fixing a crucial electrical repair in Sydney. You will be saved from stress, hassles or potential risks if you hire a professional expert within the field. But finding the right electrician Sydney may be a bit challenging. Here are some tips to find the best man for the job: (more…)


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The Truth About Baptisms

Have you ever wondered what the real story is behind “baptisms?” You know the official story : Baptism
(from the Greek noun βάπτισμα baptisma;) is a Christian rite of admission and adoption, almost invariably with the use of water, into the Christian Church, generally. They are also sometimes involved in admission into other particular churches. The canonical Gospels report that Jesus was baptized—a historical event to which a high degree of certainty can be assigned. Baptism has been called a sacrament and an ordinance of Jesus Christ. In some denominations, baptism is also called christening, but for others the word “christening” is reserved for the baptism of infants.

But that’s just the official story. By the end of this short article, I will have shown you the truth, opened your eyes to the conspiracy. Whether or not you choose to believe me is up to you. It’s time to awaken, folks. It could save your life.

First of all, consider the usual baptismal ritual: baby’s heads are anointed with water by a “priest.” Think about it: why the invariable use of water? Why is it preferred to perform baptisms on babies? The questions are endless, and the real truth is horrifying.

What if the “water” is just a vehicle for something else. What if it’s actually a clear solution containing microscopic amoebas—tiny organisms that trickle down from the head and enter the babies’ brains through either the nasal cavity or ear canal (the exterior auditory meatus.) It is a perfect cover. A touch of “holy water” on the infant’s head, and the “new admission” to the church is primed for a lifetime of mind-control, carried out by parasitic alien microorganisms that migrate into the brain by the thousands, and proliferate. And all this doesn’t even touch upon the possibility of nano-bots, suspended in clear solution, infiltrating hapless infants. Tiny robots driven by malignant AIs, self-replicating in infant brains and slowly transforming the next generation of “Christians” into a cyborg race of super-humans. I shudder to think of it. And you should too.

And don’t forget about the hideous connotations of the traditional “baptismal clothing.” Christening gowns are generally white. Why white? Because brighter colors are easier to locate in satellite imagery, obviously. The New World Order is built upon the control of information. The Powers That Be need to know where their subjects are, what their doing. And, if they’re going to be running a covert program for installing parasitic alien microorganisms or self-replicating nano-bots in infant brains, don’t you think they would want to be able to track the infants easily, to be sure the procedure is going along smoothly? The babies are dressed in white so the Overseers can track them easily from space via satellite, keeping track of the new admissions to the “church,” i.e. the newest subjects of their insidious mind-control.


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The USB microphone is in the post. The podcast is on the way!

I love blogs and blogging but for sites like this one, that deal with unconventional topics, perhaps there is one important element missing from the package. We hope you pick up the hushed whispers, incredulity, disbelief and irony through the written word but perhaps these nuances are better expressed through the sound of real human voices.

Thankfully there is a medium that combines the convenience of blogging with the intimacy of the spoken word. It’s called podcasting and it’s coming to your favorite truth-telling website in the near future.

That’s right! ETLife.co.uk is starting a brand new podcast so we can keep it even more real than we’ve been keeping it these last years.

I’ve spoken in the past about the importance of always moving forward and since we are a no bullshit blog we practice what we preach! For the last 6 weeks i’ve been quietly devouring all the podcasting information i could lay my hands on and the upshot is that it’s really simple.

Frankly I’m embarrassed is taken so long to get around to it because I’ve been aware of the awesome power of podcasting for some time now. I am a regular follower of a few shows and take great pleasure in being able to listen to shows and do other things at the same time. Creating my own show was long overdue!

I’ve been helped by guides such as this great introduction from Arnold Clavell who favors using a usb microphone, as well as a more advanced primer on audio interface setup that perhaps is a little bit over complicated but nevertheless packed with useful information.

So what can you expect? The podcast format will cover the same great topics that we discuss on the blog but will also feature more fresh content and news story analysis both from regular authors and guests.

Hopefully we’ll be able to more in depth through the podcast format and offer up something unique. I envisage more than a few heated debates and I’ll be going out my way to try to get on some mainstream believers that we can shootdown/enlighten through the course of our exchanges. I also plan to be making frequent use of the telephone to try to put some ‘yes men’ on the spot so it should be a lot of fun!

Test recordings will he created as soon as my recording equipment arrives. I have also ordered some acoustic sound proofing material to make sure everything sounds top notch. The drone photo is just for fun. If you believe in amazon drones you probably believe in Santa Claus too!

It everything goes to plan I think the first shows will be live in November and will be released fortnightly after that. However l should say that plans can change and it may yet never happen.

I hope this news is received well. Your thoughts will be much appreciated. What type of shows would you like to see in the podcast? Would you like to hear from any particle at guests? Your feedback is important to us and all suggestions will be considered.

Lastly I’d like to thank all my readers for their support thus far and I hope that you will join me as etlife.co.uk moves into a new chapter. My audience has always been the most important to me and that will never change. I can promise you that.


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Hotel Hell

Travelling the world has been a hobby of mine and whenever I get the opportunity to write a piece on my travelling experiences I do so with passion. While stuck in Europe I remember staying at a fancy looking hotel. Always Remember, that looks could be deceiving.  I entered the hotel lobby and it was just so weird, no one was at the front desk, just one of those commonly used bells. I may have hit that bell five times and no one answered. The place felt gloomy which made me wonder about the current state of the management. So I waited about half an hour. Then I heard footsteps coming my way but I saw no one, it was quite uncanny. I started to freak out and got a little nervous. Out of nowhere there appeared this gentleman. He said, “Hello mate! Welcome to Hotel Hell where everything seems spooky!” He laughed grimly. “How can I help you?” he said, “Sir I need a room to crash in for the weekend.” He quickly secured my spot and told me I would be staying in room 406; he showed me around to the gym and restaurant and then led me through the hallway to use the elevator. The host gave me my room key and said, “Have a goodnight mate!” I was so tired that I didn’t even have the energy to take a bath before falling asleep. My sleep even conquered my hunger.

Uninvited Guest

I slept soundly until around 2:30 am when I heard someone taking a shower in my room. That was so abnormal. I got up quietly and went to check the shower to my surprise everything was silent and the shower area was dry. It was so confusing, I swear I heard the water, but since I was up I thought maybe it was time for me to take a shower, so I did. While in the shower I could hear someone opening the little fridge in my room and popping open a beer. I was startled and jumped out of the shower to see who was there. “Hello, anybody there?” Nobody answered. Then I hopped back into bed and in between sleep I saw a pair of red eyes. I was so petrified and couldn’t wait for daylight to set in. I thought I was losing my mind.  I did not move until around six in the morning. While at the breakfast table I overheard some customers saying that there was a ghost by the name of Betty that visited the hotel at certain hours during the night. During the morning I went for a long walk, had lunch elsewhere then came back late for dinnertime. For supper I had steak and veggies but they did not appeal to my taste buds as if they were sealed in a plastic bag by a food vacuum sealer. To end my curiosity when no one was looking I sneaked into their kitchen and there I saw a vacuum sealer pro. The kitchen was not in the best condition and needed a major facelift. After sneaking out the back door, I decided to check out and move on, because I did not want to meet the infamous ghost Betty.


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5 Ways the Big Car Companies Are Screwing Us

It’s no secret at this point; the major car companies are screwing us over big time, especially in the large minivan market. They get away with it because they have a monopoly over the car industry in the United States. This isn’t meant to be a political article, and it isn’t aimed at bashing any one company. We just want it to be known that we are getting screwed over to some extent.

This happens to be something we care about quite a bit, so we’ve done a bit of research. We’d like to share that information with you, so we’ll go ahead and dive right in!

What are some of the ways major car companies are screwing us over?

  1. People wouldn’t think too much about this one, but they are outsourcing our jobs. This puts us in a tough position. First, we lose our job to someone overseas who is willing to do the same job for 1/10th of the price.  After that, we’re forced to buy a car from the people who are doing this to us. Is this car high-quality? Sometimes, sometimes not. This mostly depends on the labor laws in that country and how well the work is checked. In some places, it just isn’t. So we wind up with faulty cars. This is a vicious cycle.
  2. They merge. If you don’t like Chrysler, then go to Ford. If you don’t like Ford, then go to Volvo. Simple, right? Well what if they all end up being owned by the same people? Then we are stuck with the same quality and workmanship on all of the cars companies involved because they all end up being owned by the same people. Doesn’t sound too great does it? This is another way the major car companies are screwing us over.
  3. They tend to cut corners. The way it seems lately is that anyway a major car company can save a buck; they will. They do this by buying cheaper materials, buying cheaper labor, and putting the vehicle together as efficiently and as cost effective as possible. This can lead to all sorts of issues. The car might have safety hazards that could lead to it not being effective in the event of a crash. It could have mechanical issues that could lead to more and more work having to be done to it. This, unfortunately, has to come out of your pocket. Sure, they have a warranty but for how long? This is something you want to take note of even with new vehicles.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. We’re on your side, and we strive to make you informed consumers. If you have any questions or concerns with the way we’ve constructed this article, please, let us know. We love to hear feedback on the articles we write. Until then, thanks for reading, and happy hunting!


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Is Apple Purposely Blocking iPhone Unlocking?

Do you really know what Apple get up to as a company?

For many people the organization is one of the best around. They give to charity, they provide some of the most forward thinking and innovative technologies on the market and they project a clean cut image. I have exposed some of their wrong doings on this blog before but recently I got an iPhone 5 unlock and found out how I can unlock the iPhone 5 online. Now the question I have is whether or not Apple is actively blocking unlocking for their device?

Let me open your mind a bit.

Apple Are Very Rigid

People have this view of Apple that they take on new challenges and try new things. OK, this is true to an extent as the likes of the iPad and iPod have shown however they are very rigid in how their devices work. I am skeptical of things that I cannot control because essentially it means that they are controlling you if this is the case. You cannot have freedom with a device so you basically do what it wants you to.

This is true of many Apple products and the iPhone 5 is no exception. Want to use the device on another network? Well you can’t do this by default hence why you need to get an unlock.

Apple Don’t Want You To Have Control

The company have this weird, cult like grip upon their customers. I am a customer of Apple despite some of the things I have exposed in this blog over the past few months however I don’t buy into their whole ethos. I know that they practice unethical acts like many of the other companies we use daily and I also know that they just don’t want you to have control over your device.

Basically Apple want to sell you a product and then only let you do what they want you to do with it. Is this right? There has to be a reason that they are doing this and it is certainly something that requires much more research.

Is Apple Blocking Unlocking For The iPhone?

My iPhone unlock works fine. I mean, I have an iPhone 5 and I can now use it on any network that I please however some of my sources have informed me that Apple are trying to purposely block this from happening. They don’t want you to unlock the iPhone. Why is this though? What have they got to hide and why are they so focused on preventing the average consumer from having freedom over the iPhone?

I am not 100% sure of the answers to any of these questions however I am going to look into them in more detail over the coming weeks and months. I don’t believe Apple are a inherently evil company but I also don’t believe that they are very transparent.

I do recommend unlocking the iPhone 5 but do get in touch if you have any issues with it because it could very well be Apple that are the source.


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The worst self-defense weapon – Throwing knives

Well, do you guys really think that knife throwing can help you better equip yourself in terms of self-defense? If so, perhaps you need to rethink about that. Many experts believe that knife throwing is a practical means of self-defense. I can tell you that they are talking nonsense. Knife throwing can certainly be taken as a sport, but they are not as effective as other self-defense weapons. The fact is that you cannot rely on knife throwing, they break so easily and they are not even sharp. Can you throw knives accurately even in a life-threatening situation? What if you miss and lose your knives? Or even worse, your enemies pick up your knife and use it against you? I bet you haven’t thought that through.

Come on man, throwing knife won’t save your life

I have been in a few fights before, both one-on-one or in a group. Basically, most of the fancy self defense stuffs you see on the telly do not work. They won’t save your life. “Oh, but I know martial art so I can kick their butts” No it won’t. You can’t even throw a punch when someone is smashing you with a chair. “How about Kendo (Japanese sword play)?” You are joking right? Don’t tell me you bring a long stick with you every time you go out. “What about throwing knife?” Now you are being ridiculous. You seriously want to throw away the only weapon you got?

My best self-defense method

Let me tell you a few efficient self defense methods. First, run. It doesn’t matter who you enemy is, just run. This is actually one of the top military tactics mentioned in the ancient Chinese military treatise, The Art of War. If you can’t out run your enemy, or for whatever reasons you don’t want to run, you can use the other method. The second method is to pick up whatever you can, chair, bottle, bin, umbrella etc and smash your enemy like a mad man. Note that here are two very important elements and they both need to be carried out together, “attacking” and “acting like a mad man”. You can’t just act crazy but not attack, people would think that you are just some nutcase on the street. Similarly, if you only attack but not acting crazy, they won’t take you seriously. Now if you attack like a crazy man, you are actually posting a threat to your enemies. They would think that you are a psychotic murderer and no one wants to fight a psycho. They will just run away and if they don’t, you can now run away and they are not going to chase a psycho. Look, self defense is a mind game. It is way more sophisticated than mindlessly fighting. To win like a champion, you need to play with their mind.

All I want to say is that knife throwing as self-defense is a complete waste of time. It is no more than a “useless” activity you cannot rely on when it comes to self-defense. Considering this, knife throwing should be taken as just a recreational sport, and it should not be used for self-defense at all.


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Are Fragrances And Perfume Dangerous?

Just like women and perfume, men have been using scented colognes for centuries. Applying it to their skin and clothes every day, once a day or more. But what if freshening up your look with an indulgent scent came at a cost? Not just to your wallet but to your overall health? Would you stop using cologne or find better alternatives?

As we move into the twenty-first century many are becoming more health conscious and are concerned with what we are putting into our bodies, and the topical ingredients we use on them. Are allergic reactions the only thing we need to be concerned about when wearing cologne? It should come as no surprise that most of the colognes we use are not comprised of natural materials. So it could be easily said that millions of us apply toxins and chemicals to our skin and clothes every day just to smell great. But what does cologne really add to a man’s persona or attitude, if anything? Should sharp cologne havestayed in the medieval days when bathing was not as available to us?

Decades of cheesy television advertisements might have us believe that it adds quite a bit. Unfortunately, spraying cologne is not a fairy godfather that can spin you into soccer player David Beckham. The catch? It can only make you smell like him, and as research shows, smells are very important to men and women. They make us feel better, fresher, and help to attract us to one another. So eradicating cologne from our store shelves is not a likely solution. However, not only is most cologne comprised of harsh chemicals that we apply to our skin, but it can also damage our nasal passages, cause headaches, as well as causing addiction. Yes, you can become addicted to the scents you use! Harsh chemicals and toxins can also travel through our airways and enter our bodies potentially increasing our health risks. These health risks include reproductive issues, cancers, and more. Many of the top brand men’s cologne contain life altering toxins.

One of the most harmful of these chemicals is a common term we are hearing more of called parabens. Parabens are essentially preservatives like the ones used in our food that we try to steer away from. Except these preservatives are not of the edible kind and are used in colognes, and other topical products that are often scented. Parabens are most known to increase the risk of serious hormone related health issues.
So how can we pursue healthier options and what ones are already being offered to us? Harmful colognes are known to not disclose the particular harmful ingredients on their products. And as previously mentioned, we are not always able to trust some of the top brand labels we see on the shelves. So it is always best to begin to look for all natural, vegan, or organic colognes. You will find these labels easily on the front or back of the cologne bottle. As our collective health conscious continues to shift, we are seeing more healthier options available to us in this category, and very excitingly men’s cologne is one of them. Some safer popular brands in the organic cologne category currently include Burt’s Bees and Herban Cowboy.

So why not add one more way men can improve their overall health by choosing organic colognes? Why not smell great with more wholesome cologne products you can be confident about? Simple and health-conscious. Now just add a good scent, and that sounds exactly like what both men and women want!


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A Newbie’s Guide To Crossfit

Crossfit has become one of the fastest growing strength and conditioning programs in the world today. It is a special training program that offers a variety of high intensity exercises in a short span of time, such as targeted weight and speed training. Crossfit WOD’s (short for “Workout of the Day”) targets the major components of your a typical fitness plan and compresses them into a tightly packed workout. CrossFit training requires you to work out on a several times per week, and the workouts are intense and short. The short workout are ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to more traditional exercise regimens, however it is not for the faint of heart.

Each exercise follows right after the next with very little rest in between. These exercises involve the whole body and include pushing, pulling, running, and rowing. These programs offer variations in a lot of exercises, but for the most part you can expect to become very familiar with kettle bells, medicine balls, ropes, and rowing machines to achieve the maximum results. You need to be in good physical fitness to perform each movement.

Crossfit Gyms are not your typical fitness centers, most notably by the endless supply of resistance machines. Additionally like more traditional gyms expect to see a variety of free weights and boxes of various heights to test your vertical leap . They offer newcomers the opportunity to learn proper training for all the major equipment and their unique brand of workout routine. Newcomers and veterans alike may experience a degree of muscle soreness after the workout, but a day or two of rest can get you going. Enjoy the challenges of these workouts, as they are similar to sports conditioning as there are variations to keep your body guessing and your mind from getting bored. Changing routine adds to the excitement of the workouts of the day.

While there is no specific guidelines for the best type of gear you need to buy to participate, it is generally accepted that you should have a pair of workout gloves to prevent chaffing on the hands, knee pads to protect your knees during the often dangerous box jumps and a good pair of Crossfit shoes. You don’t need the the best crossfit shoes on the market, but it is recommended to replace them at least once per year.

While Crossfit can be practiced at home without a lot of exercise equipment, competition is a key element that you would sacrifice by not going to a Crossfit gym specifically. There are many DVDs and online videos that you can use at home to improve if you are brave enough to try Crossfit at home on your own. Crossfit is a fantastic way for mixing the exercise by offering a variety of different programs. Make sure that you start slowly and gradually increase each workout. Avoid exercises on a hot day, and drink plenty of water. If you are new to weight lifting or exercise program, you need to visit a CrossFit training program to receive the bare bones essentials for your own safety and to get the most from your workout.


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Tackling the Mind Boggling “Teeth Cleaning” Concept

I vaguely recollect many things in my childhood, but one experience that stuck out was my recovery from pneumonia. I had spent weeks in the hospital when I was little. They had me under an oxygen tent and I went through a very severe case of pneumonia. After a number of days, I was released from the hospital, but not without any lingering problems – my teeth had become completely stained with tetracycline.

After I was done my path of recovery, I had to recover my old teeth, too. The staining damage was substantial, to put it nicely. The staining did not just affect the surface of my teeth, but also the enamel, where my teeth were discolored to a shade of gray. This is something that bothered me for a long time.

My sister-in-law was attending a dental hygiene school (www.mydentalhygienistschools.com) to become a registered dental hygienist. She informed me of a ‘client night’ opportunity, where I could go in and get my teeth cleaned for a steep price cut. As financial reasons were to blame for me leaving my teeth like that, I took advantage of the opportunity.

It was comforting to get the cleaning done. Fast-forward closer to the end of her program, and I found myself having to return. I started thinking about it, though, and I couldn’t really justify the whole concept of going in for a “teeth cleaning”. So, I wanted to dig a little further and understand the scientific reasoning for going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned.

The Scientific Support for Professional Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your teeth at home is obviously important, but is it really necessary to visit a dental hygiene professional every six months?

This study indicates that professional teeth cleaning holds no real, scientifically backed value.

The linked study looked into two main questions:

  1. Does scaling and polishing provide a different periodontal health profile versus no scaling and polishing?
  2. If so, is there any importance to the amount of time between each professional cleaning procedure?

Sadly, the results of the study showed that any of us who spent countless dollars and hours on professional teeth cleaning may have just made a superficial investment. The optimal supportive evidence in the study was merely “mixed findings” and that’s nothing to put any faith in.

It was found that gingivitis levels had a difference based on the time intervals of 6, 12, and 22 months, but this was not viewed as anything of importance on a clinical level.

At the same time, there has been some debate over whether this was a fair study or not. The main issue is the Cochrane review approach. When analyzing evidence-based medicine, there is an assessment on the evidence quality. This results in an unfair valuation for randomized clinical studies.

What Do The Dentists Say?

If you ask a dentist whether their teeth cleaning service is really of value, 100% of the time you will be re-assured that it is. What else would you expect?

Not only will a dentist be supportive of the service they offer, but they will also be suggestive of a more frequent than necessary cleaning schedule. This brings to debate whether the service is really of substantial importance in the first place. While dental hygienist courses include teeth cleaning procedures, it is definitely not a highlight of the course – so, could it not just be a money grab?

In essence, the whole teeth cleaning concept could be no different than paying a car dealership to perform rustproofing on your new vehicle. This ideology is especially understandable when looking at the repeat visits, after the teeth have already been cleaned the first time.

What Does Your Dentist Say?

Seriously, it may seem insulting, but just blurt it out!

If your dentist asks about your next teeth cleaning, find out why it’s absolutely important for you to return for the same procedure.

Is there any evidence to support its medicinal value on the teeth?

It should be interesting to hear what the dentist has to say, considering we are still waiting for the answer on a scientific level.


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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Conspiracy Theories Explain Missing Plane

There have been many instances in the world when things have just disappeared, and there is an area just east of known as the Bermuda Triangle. There have been instances of planes and boats that go in the area of Miami, Florida, Bermuda, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, experience electronic problems, and some of them have never been seen again.

Whenever a plane vanishes, there is always conspiracy theories as to what happened to it, and the Bermuda Triangle has been a big source of theories including everything from UFO’s having taken the planes to some mysterious sea monster rising up and swallowing the airplanes hole. In March of this year, a Malaysian airplane carrying 239 passengers vanished without a trace, and since that time until now, there has been not one hint of what happened to the Boeing 777.

A Simple Flight From One Country to Another

If something happens to a car on the road, there are always a lot of clues as to what happened because of the many thousands of parts that a car has. If pieces are found, like one of the factory rims that the car came with, then it is only a matter of being able to match the specifications on the rim to figure out if it is the original product rims on the car or not, which can help identify things like the make (say Chrysler), model (Sebring), and year of the vehicle. One would think that a plane would be just as easy to find if something happened to it, but not in the case with the missing Malaysian plane.

On the morning of March 8, 2014, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur and was supposed to land in Beijing, China. However, less than one hour after the plane left the runway, the air traffic controls lost the plane and it never arrived in China when it was supposed to, which the families of its 239 passengers completely panicked and demanding answers. Because the plane has not had any trace after almost three months, people are beginning to think that something mysterious has happened to the plane such as the following conspiracy theories:

1. An alien ship appeared over the Indian Ocean and swallowed up the plane.
2. The transponder was turned off, and the Malaysian plane was flown to a remote location where all the passengers were killed.
3. The military shot the plane down, and the search effort to find the plane is just putting on a show for the family members of the 239 passengers.
4. The plane landed on a remote island where the passengers and crew are waiting to be rescued.
5. Two planes occupied the same space, and the MH370 hid behind the other plane and flew off to a remote location.
6. The missing plane flew to a military base and landed there.
7. The plane crashes so deep that it will never be found no matter how long the searches go on.

Any time any major event happens there are conspiracy theories that try to explain what the authorities cannot, but are some of these theories concerning really that farfetched? The fact is that the Malaysian airplane has been missing for almost three months, and the weird thing is that there is absolutely no sign of it, and the families of the people on board are desperate enough to believe anything at this point. Maybe one day, the truth will be known about flight MH370, but then again, maybe the truth will never be known.


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Obesity Crisis in the UK: Government Looks to Tax Fizzy Drinks

The government is once again trying to impose taxes on unhealthy food and drink, this time with their sights set on fizzy drinks like Coca cola and Pepsi due to their high sugar content. It’s not the first time that the idea of imposing a ‘fat tax’ on unhealthy foods has been considered, but this time it comes after the UK’s scientific nutrition committee released a 366 page document that suggested the average UK citizen should cut their sugar intake by half.

The government’s public health agency: Public Health England, says that unless the country can get on top of the obesity crisis then public healthcare costs related to obesity will soar to almost double its current value to £9.7bn before the year 2050. That’s a huge amount of money to spend on people who couldn’t stop putting food in their mouths, and I think is a depressing sign of just how well corporations are able to manipulate the masses into eating themselves to death, all just to make a profit. It also got me thinking as to who was going to profit from the increased healthcare spending, and you guessed it, big pharmaceutical companies would like to see the obesity trend continue. In their ideal world everyone would be overweight and be dependent on them for whatever ailment they have as a result.

Now I’m not sure who I dislike more, an increasingly totalitarian government; telling you what you can and can’t do, or huge corporations that would probably contaminate the drinking water if it meant you would buy their products. Unfortunately I think I will have to side with the government on this one, however I don’t think that taxing fizzy drinks or any other kind of food or drink will harm anyone but the poorest in our society. Taxing the companies that sell these products to cover the costs of healthcare and preventative education would be a better solution in my opinion. I know it’s highly likely that the drinks corporations would try their best to pass on costs to the customers, but this will need to be addressed too, perhaps by creating similar regulations to those which are designed to ensure that gas prices stay competitive for the customers.

One last thing, the government and corporations are not 100% responsible for this problem, it still comes down to the simple fact that far too many people just can’t control themselves, who can’t simply say no to temptation, and I used to be one of them. I was never obese but put on some pounds after leaving college, then one day I just decided that enough was enough, so I went online checked out some treadmill reviews and settled on a cheap one called the Confidence GTR Power Pro and did 30 minutes running each day, changed what I ate and have never looked back. Anyone who says they can’t lose weight is lying, they just haven’t tried, it’s simple mathematics, calories burned should be more than calories consumed to lose weight.


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Join the Garden Revolution

Growing up, I never took much notice of the environment around me, and perhaps that was due to the fact that I never had an opportunity to go camping and lived in the city. However when I was a young adult I went camping in Dartmoor national park with some friends and it really hit home just how I had been living in my own urban bubble, completely oblivious to the world outside. The really sad part is how this is now the norm for young people today, who are more concerned with checking their Facebook than looking at the world around them.

Nowadays, I am unlucky enough to own my own home, with crippling mortgage repayments and ever increasing council tax, however I do have my own bit of nature, a garden, which I have spent many hours maintaining and nurturing to a space that brings me great joy. It also puts food on the table and is my own way of sticking it to the big supermarkets that have the sole objective of exploiting anyone and anything to make a profit.

Stress Relief

Everyone gets stressed, but not everyone copes with it in the same ways. For me, gardening is how I keep myself sane in this world. It provides a safe place, a sanctuary, where I can escape the doom and gloom of everyday life and just focus on the simple things in life, from planting vegetables that will keep me fed, to mowing the lawn and giving me a space to admire mother nature, even if it may not be a spectacular garden to others, or helping to solve the many environmental problems we face today, I’m still proud of it.

Keeping Active

Gardening is also a great way to keep active for people of all ages and isn’t just for old people to keep themselves busy during retirement. Hopefully this post will encourage some younger people to get gardening instead of sitting around tweeting to the world about what they just had for dinner.

I have also decided to keep things old-school when it comes to mowing the lawn and use a non-motorised mower. Yes, the type that you have to push and a series of mechanical cogs spin a cylindrical set of blades, it’s hard work but is quieter, cuts better and also doesn’t pollute the air in any way, which is great.

However I do have to admit to having purchased a weed wacker to cut the weeds around the edge of my lawn, but fear not, read some weed wacker reviews and found an electric powered one that I can charge using electricity from my solar panel, so I won’t be pumping out any carbon dioxide from a gas powered one.

Growing My Own Vegetables

This has been by far the most rewarding part of gardening for me, and has greatly helped me to reduce my impact on the environment by not having to purchase food and vegetables which have been shipped and trucked from halfway arcoss the globe. Not only is this going to create a huge carbon footprint, it just doesn’t seem logical to me when I can grow enough vegetables for my family in my small garden. As a result my family eats more vegetables like, carrots, cabbage, runner beans, potatoes and even onions, and I have found that it has improved my health; I feel more alert, happier and don’t have to worry about becoming overweight. Just one of the many reasons people should get out and start gardening, go for it!


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